La TR-System was born in 1972 , from Marco Toni, as a telecommunication company.

Subject of TR-System activity is designing, production and selling antennas and passive components for Radio-Telecommunications..

In the early days the production was mainly about making equipments for radio transmission and products either in civil and military field, like antennas, filters and cavities. 


Benefits of this technology are the possibility of creating new and different shapes depending on the application field requested, as for the same size, more performing mechanical and electrical characteristics (high gain, excellent front-to-back ratio).

These antennas (DDA series) have been successfully installed on Milan and Brescia Subway tunnels (DDA-4402)  Highway Tunnels (DDA-4402DDA-3402) and in the acropolis of Athene (LA-3602).

 In 2006 on direct request from società Autostrade è stata studiata un’antenna direttiva

 (mod.TRS-2136that could enclose all mobile bands at that time (GSM-DCS-UMTS) designed for installation in galleries with specific mechanical characteristics.

Visto l’enorme successo riscontrato, con oltre 3500 esemplari installati in vari impianti, tra i quali: Variante di Valico, Metropolitana Torino, forniture per gallerie autostradali e ferroviarie su tutto il territorio italiano.

This model confirmed the knowledge in designing and making of professional antennas from TR-System.

During the '80s la TR-Systemfor business reasons, leaves the market field, focusing especially on designing, researching and devdeloping new products in telecommunications area. 

At the beginning of the '90s  la TR-System  on commission from ITALTELITALTEL TR-System is successfully dedicated to R&S for new antennas (mod.2293) and accessories for the emerging ETACS-GSM network.

Immediately succeding in the industry, TR-System continues to devlope DCS-UMTS networks, at first supplying mod.TRS-1198 for TIM and then, specializing in the first Multi-Band systems with the creations of mod.TRS-2001 model.  

During 2000s widens its premises and fine-tune an a dedicated area for R&S, taking advantage of University of Parma collaboration, patenting a series of innovative antennas focused on the principle of dielectric waveguides. TR-System ha messo a punto un settore dedicato alla ricerca e sviluppo ed avvalendosi della collaborazione dell’ Università degli Studi di Parma, ha brevettato una serie di antenne innovative incentrate sul principio delle guide d’onda a dielettrico.



In 2007 has been supplied for SELI the communication system for the "Gilgel Gibe" Ethiopian Gallery for Hydroelectric power station 12 km long.

From this experience began the study on radio propagation on circular polarization within galleries and tunnels, inserting the complete series EL on catalogue EL.


In 2011 On direct request from TowerCo. S.p.A. an antenna system to integrate new LTE band to mobile bands already existing has been invented. (mod. TRS-2140)

technical tests made in Capodimonte Gallery (Napoli's freeway) has shown high efficiency of circular polarization, despite the difficulties on propagation, given by the presence of a double curve.


In 2012 a collaboration with CommsCon Italia s.r.l. continued alla realizzazione dell’impianto per la radio copertura LTE negli stadi di S.Siro (Milano) e Juventus Stadium (Torino) fornendo pannelli ed antenne direttive su precise richieste di progetto (mod. MPM-32mod. LS-2114mod. DDA-1104).

In 2015  collaboration with CommsCon Italia s.r.l. continuedwith the supplying of antennas for radio coverage in Milan underground in particular for LINEA 5 (S.Siro-Bignami)

In 2018, on request of Nokia Siemens Networks, TR-System collaborated with Comesvil in realizing GSM-R implant on the high-speed route of Roma-Firenze, designing and supplying multiple Branching boards, installed in rack cabinets inside dedicated cabinets. (mod.I-2_2900 ; mod.W-2_902 ; mod. P-1_PHS).

This opportunity shows how much TR-System is able, thanks to its laboratories and qualified staff, to develop and produce a wide range of customized products, not available on the market, satisfying every kind of request.


In 2021 directive antenna TRS-2140 model has been chosen for new DAS Milano Metro4 Projectgiving to the company further confirmation on radiopropagation in galleries and in Circular Tecnology, to which TR-System is dedicated from more over ten years.